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The Gods Have Fallen

Before the "Great Disbelief" the six of you, known as the Parentals, prospered ruling over your mortal subjects, lavishing in their gifts, prayers, and sacrifices. With the last drop of your immortal power, the Six Parentals gathered at High Shrine to purge it of all goods and treasures. Before dropping to the unforgiving, harsh world below, the six of you managed to salvage some livestock, luxurious foods, and resourceful gifts to help you survive as mortals. On your way down you notice a giant white object hurl past you, and realize it's your trusty, loyal Thrumbo, Holy Pet to the Parentals. You feel your first jolt of pain on impact and come to see that being mortal isn't going to be that easy...godly powers were so convenient. The mortals call you Psychopaths, but why would immortals care about mortal blood and death. Better start adapting to thier customs of life, reasearching their technologies, until you can get yourself back to the heavens to reinstate your Holyship! Your faction will be a New Tribe. Start with 6 people. Player starting characters have a 100% chance to start with trait: Psychopath Player starting characters have a 40% chance to start with malnutrition. Start with: -Thrumbo x1 -Cow x2 -Chicken x4 -Silver x1200 -Lavish meal x24 -Chocolate x24 -Fine meal x40 -Medicine x50 -Component x25 -Silver spear -Golden longsword -Plasteel gladius x2 -Steel military helmet x2 -Great bow x2 -Pila x2 -Steel x800 -Wood x800 -Hay x1500