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Improved Weight

[h1][b]Improved Weight Tool[/b][/h1] Improved Weight is an entirely rewritten version of [url=https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=104480013]Marii's Weight STool[/url]. It has been cleaned, optimized, and provides many new helpful features for clients. Credits: • [url=http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197960843765]Spoco[/url] (STEAM_0:1:289018) :: Original author of the Weight STool • [url=http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197992296393]Marii[/url] (STEAM_0:1:16015332) :: Updating the Weight STool for GMod 13, also being the starting point for Improved Weight [h1][b]Multi-language Support:[/b][/h1] [table][tr][td] The Improved Weight tool features [b]multi-language support[/b] (listed below). If you are multi/bilingual, please consider helping by providing translations into other languages. You can find the list of phrases to translate at [URL]http://pastebin.com/raw/R9uN2n9g[/URL] (helpful descriptions included for context) or [URL]http://pastebin.com/raw/HFbijKqs[/URL] (without descriptions for readability). Please add me on Steam if you are interested. - Supports [b]Brazilian Portuguese[/b] ([i]Sommer [STEAM_0:0:57791547][/i]) - Supports [b]Swedish[/b] ([i]Christian [STEAM_0:0:36373825], Jeff [STEAM_0:0:25982100][/i]) - Supports [b]Japanese[/b] ([i]daigennki/seihai [STEAM_0:1:43031440][/i]) - Supports [b]Dutch[/b] ([i]Bunny [STEAM_0:1:34698490][/i]) - Supports [b]Polish[/b] ([i]Sarian [STEAM_0:0:34104920][/i]) - Supports [b]German[/b] ([i]Time SchocK [STEAM_0:1:12054113][/i]) - Supports [b]Spanish[/b] ([i]IFerPe01 [STEAM_0:0:125631888][/i]) - Supports [b]Danish[/b] ([i]The Outrageous Dane [STEAM_0:0:63184464][/i]) - Supports [b]Bulgarian[/b] ([i][BA][Sk$Bh]Trick or treat KID![/i]) - Supports [b]Russian[/b] ([i]Architector #4 [STEAM_0:1:38308154], magic memes [STEAM_0:0:60429619][/i]) - Supports [b]Korean[/b] ([i]FCB [STEAM_0:1:32029495][/i]) - Supports [b]French[/b] ([i]Vulpelix [STEAM_0:0:188400109][/i]) - Supports [b]Estonian[/b] ([i][EE] Jamairis McWay [STEAM_0:1:168225547][/i]) - Supports [b]Thai[/b] ([i][ATA] Combine Empire Reich [STEAM_0:1:77082118][/i]) - Supports [b]Turkish[/b] ([i]Matt [STEAM_0:1:241718138][/i]) - Supports [b]Simplified Chinese[/b] ([i]Insane Black Rock Shooter [STEAM_0:1:176977754][/i]) Depending on your locale within Garry's Mod, the Improved Weight tool will be named differently within the tool menu. Review the following list if you are having difficulty finding the tool: - English: [b]Weight - Improved[/b] - Portuguese (Português): [b]Peso - Melhorado[/b] - Swedish (Svenska): [b]Viktverktyg - Förbättrad[/b] - Japanese (日本語): [b]重量 - 改良版[/b] - Dutch (Nederlandse): [b]Gewicht - Verbeterd[/b] - Polish (Polskie): [b]Ciężar - Ulepszony[/b] - German (Deutsche): [b]Masse - Verbessert[/b] - Spanish (Español): [b]Peso - Mejorado[/b] - Danish (Dansk): [b]Vægt - Forbedret[/b] - Bulgarian (Български): [b]Тегло - Подобрено[/b] - Russian (русский): [b]Вес - Улучшенный[/b] - Korean (한국어): [b]향상된 - 무게[/b] - French (Français): [b]Poids - Amelioré[/b] - Estonian (Eesti): [b]Kaal - täiustatud[/b] - Thai (ไทย): [b]น้ำหนัก - ปรับปรุง[/b] - Turkish (Türkçe): [b]Geliştirilmiş Ağırlık[/b] - Simplified Chinese (简体中文): [b]重量工具 - 升级版[/b] [/td][/tr][/table] [h1][b]Changelog:[/b][/h1] - Dec 28th, 2015 :: Added to GitHub - Dec 28th, 2015 :: Added to Workshop - Dec 29th, 2015 :: Added German translation - Jan 1st, 2016 :: Added Spanish translation - Jan 8th, 2016 :: Language switching improvements - Jan 13th, 2016 :: Notification bug fix for DarkRP - Apr 17th, 2016 :: Added Danish translation - May 21st, 2016 :: Added Bulgarian translation - Nov 12th, 2016 :: Added Russian translation - Jan 9th, 2017 :: Added Korean translation - Jan 10th, 2017 :: Added French translation - Feb 11th, 2019 :: Added Estonian translation - Feb 21st, 2019 :: Added Thai support - Jul 30th, 2023 :: Updated Localify library - Oct 7th, 2023 :: Added Turkish translation - Oct 7th, 2023 :: Added Simplified Chinese translation [h1][b]Fixes:[/b][/h1] - Fixed unpooled net message error. - Fixed incorrect weights being reported due to lazy caching by model in old weight tool. [h1][b]Tweaks:[/b][/h1] - Added [b][i]colorscales[/i][/b], draws a colored halo around viewed entities that represents how heavy it is - Added ability to [b][i]round displayed weights[/i][/b] from 0 to 8 decimal places - Added proper support for the [b][i]legacy tooltip[/i][/b] GUI - Added ability to force the tooltip to [b][i]always show[/i][/b], even when the weight tool isn't being used - Added ability to show/hide [b][i]notifications[/i][/b] when setting/copying/restoring entity weights - Added ability to enable/disable playing [b][i]notification sounds[/i][/b] when setting/copying/restoring entity weights - Added support for [b][i]localization[/i][/b] of every phrase in the tool menu and tooltip HUD - Added ability to [b][i]change localization[/i][/b] [h1][b]**PLEASE REPORT ALL LEGITIMATE ERRORS TO THE GITHUB PAGE**[/b][/h1] [URL]https://github.com/Mista-Tea/improved-weight[/URL] Alternatively, use the Facepunch page (WEBSITE NO LONGER EXISTS): [URL]https://facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1499233[/URL]