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Relations Tab

Replaces the faction tab with a relations tab. The relations tab shows, in a very graphical way, relations between your colonists and with other factions. [img]https://headers.karel-kroeze.nl/title/Notes.png[/img]In games with many faction mods or a lot of colonists, the dynamic displays may 'explode'. There's three things you can do to mitigate this problem; [list][*]Use the static circle view. In the top right of the tab there is a button to switch between circle and dynamic views (may be hidden underneath the tutorial window).[*]Reset the dynamic view until it stops exploding. The button to reset the dynamic algorithm is in the top right of the window, next to that for cicle view (and may also be hidden by the tutorial).[*]Tweak the parameters for the dynamic algorithm. In the mod options (Menu -> Options -> Mod Options -> Relations Tab) you can tweak the parameters for the algorithm. There is a short description of what each parameter does in the options as well.[/list] [img]https://headers.karel-kroeze.nl/title/Known%20issues.png[/img] [list][*]In games with a lot of factions/colonists, the algorithm may 'explode'. See the 'Notes' section on how to fix this.[*]Some mods (noticably, the Zabrak faction) change pawn rendering in such a way that it breaks the relations tab. I'm looking for the root cause of this.[/list] [img]https://headers.karel-kroeze.nl/title/Think%20you%20found%20a%20bug%3F.png[/img]Please read [url=http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=725234314]this guide[/url] before creating a bug report, and then create a bug report [url=https://github.com/fluffy-mods/RelationsTab/issues]here[/url] [img]https://headers.karel-kroeze.nl/title/Older%20versions.png[/img]All current and past versions of this mod can be downloaded from [url=https://github.com/fluffy-mods/RelationsTab/releases]GitHub[/url]. [img]https://headers.karel-kroeze.nl/title/License.png[/img]All original code in this mod is licensed under the [url=https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT]MIT license[/url]. Do what you want, but give me credit. All original content (e.g. text, imagery, sounds) in this mod is licensed under the [url=http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/]CC-BY-SA 4.0 license[/url]. Parts of the code in this mod, and some of the content may be licensed by their original authors. If this is the case, the original author & license will either be given in the source code, or be in a LICENSE file next to the content. Please do not decompile my mods, but use the original source code available on [url=https://github.com/fluffy-mods/RelationsTab/]GitHub[/url], so license information in the source code is preserved. Parts of this mod were created by, or derived from works created by; [list][*]Freepik: preview family tree icon ([url=https://www.freepik.com/]BY-NC[/url])[/list] [img]https://headers.karel-kroeze.nl/title/Are%20you%20enjoying%20my%20mods%3F.png[/img]Normally, this is where I ask you to show you appreciation by buying me a coffee. These are not normal times. Ukraine is being invaded by Russia, at the whim of a ruthless dictator. Innocent people are loosing their lives, and fighting for their continued freedom. This is not a matter of politics. This is not a debate. Putins' bloody campaign in Ukraine is illegal, and he will stop at nothing to get what he wants, when he wants it, no matter the cost. The Russian army is invading a country without provocation, bombing civilians and murdering innocents. The prospect of waking up to see my country at war is alien to me, as it must have seemed to most Ukrainians. I can do little to influence the outcome of current affairs, but I will do whatever I can. [b]I ask you to join me in supporting the people of Ukraine[/b] [img]https://headers.karel-kroeze.nl/title/How%20can%20you%20help%3F.png[/img]If you can, donate to the various charities providing humanitarian aid. You can also help out in other ways, from reaching out to your elected representatives to helping fact-check social media. If you don't know where to donate, or how to start helping, Global Citizen maintains a list of charitable organizations active in the region and other ways in which you can help. [url=https://www.globalcitizen.org/en/content/ways-to-help-ukraine-conflict/]https://www.globalcitizen.org/en/content/ways-to-help-ukraine-conflict/[/url]