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The Last Psychic Bender

Your tribe now scattered, you are the last of an ancient line of warriors, the Psychic Benders. You find yourself alone for the first time. Time to start your new journey. At least your Megasloth companion will never let you down. _______________________________________________________________________ Start with 1 New Tribesman standing 100% chance of: Brawler Psychically Hypersensitive (I might change to deaf. Wasn't sure which made more sense) Can not tame animals, but has a stupidly high success rate in training them. START WITH: 1 megasloth 1 short bow 1 golden spear 1 devilstrand loincloth 1 of each psychic artifact 500 wood 500 steel SCATTERED AROUND MAP: 500 wood 2000 steel 2000 silver 100 herbal medicine 100 pemmican 500 of each stone 50 components