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Dwarven Outcasts

This scenerio is intended to be played in a mountainous biome. Play as a handful of misfits who have been kicked from their tribes for their various habits. Seek a better life underground! Your new vault won't be sunshine and rainbows. The deeper you dig, the further you escape from reality. Can your tribesmen survive their own insanities? Due to the harshness of the biome, you will be provided with a few items on the tech-tree already researched. Nothing game-breaking, but I am confident you will find this scenerio challenging and amusing, despite this boost. ;D In all seriousness, this is my favorite scenerio yet. It just always manages to produce the most dramatic stories. I recommend on permadeath mode. _____________________________________________________________ Start with 3 New Tribe standing Mining Speed x2 10% chance Cannibalism 50% chance Night Owl 50% chance Industrious Researched already: Devilstrand Stonecutting Smithing Electricity Hydroponics START WITH: 1 Grizzly Bear (He wants to hibernate in your cave) 200 Silver 500 Pemmican 100 Herbal medicine 1 Wooden Spear 1 wooden gladius 1 short bow 1 great bow 3 parkas 500 wood 500 steel 500 of each stone block 25 components