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[1.3] SmurfeRim Ver4.0

*** SMURFS ARE NOT AS CUTE AS YOU THINK*** ---- BACKSTORY: The Smurfs are a species blue humanoids that lives in mushroom-shaped houses in the forest, usually led by Papa Smurf. The smurf-mmunity in their village are always cooperative, sharing and kind environments for every Smurfs living there. While popular myths had always portrayed the Smurfs as being repressed and violently suppressed by the “Evil” Wizard Gargamel, the stories turned out to be misinformation and fake news propagated by Smurfs-sympathizers. The forgotten truth is that Gargamel was actually the archwizard of a long forgotten kingdom, that was sent by the King himself to fight and eradicate the “Blue Threat”. Hundreds upon thousands of peasants had been mercilessly murdered by a never seen before blue-skinned humanoid monsters, although no bigger than a house cat. What was later known to be Smurfs, had an incredible rate of reproductions and their kind spreads like wildfire. Their cute and innocent appearance hides the fiercely territorial nature of these magical creatures. The smurfs had became so powerful during the time of Gargamel, that the Smurfs declared all out war against the archwizard’s Kingdom. All that stand between the Smurfs and the destruction of the Kingdom, was Gargamel the Great himself. It was during this period of great calamity that Gargamel made the greatest discovery about the Smurfs: their body contains an unique liquid that can be found no where else, and that it had great life-saving abilities when it is combined with medical herbs. The usage of the magic potion extracted from the Smurfs brought about an revolution in the medical world and Gargamel was regarded as the greatest healer of his time after he made the discovery. However, as the only person in the Kingdom, to be able to subdue the “Blue Threat”; along with the fact that the discovery of this new highly sought after commodity resulted in the a Royal decree that restricts any information about the source of the potion to be leaked – Gargamel was condemned to a life in a run-down hovel, with his mangy cat Azrael, deep in the dark forest on the outskirt of this Kingdom. The fiercely loyal Gargamel dedicated his final few decades of his life to his King, keeping the population of Smurfs to just 1 village – while constantly “milking” the excess smurfs, to be readied for the weekly horse carriage that arrives to delivers the precious potions to the capital. The Kingdom became rich and powerful, being the sole producer of the rare potion; while at the edge of the Kingdom, Gargamel gets old and senile; often heard cursing at the Smurfs by passing travellers. Gargamel was eventually slain by Papa Smurf after Gargamel fell into an ambush in one of his daily smurfs culling. Azrael died beside him as the old cat was surrounded and bashed to death by numerous Smurfs. The Smurfs then went into hibernation for centuries in wait for a time where the humans are weaker, and thus they can rise again. Eventually the young and rich populace in subsequent generations conveniently forget about Gargamel’s lifelong sacrifice, while sinister underground organisations started their misinformation campaign to cast Gargamel as the evil wizard that captures cute smurfs as an magical ingredient to make gold, for some unknown political reasons. As for the magic potion, it was later renamed as Neutroamine by one of the brand strategist of the government-owned corporation of the new republic, tasked to manage and sell the remaining stock of potions that was stashed during the time of Gargamel. Today, the Corporation remains to be the only seller of Neutroamine in the entire galaxy; and they are still selling exclusively from Gargamel’s depleting stockpile, as the Smurfs were never found since, and all artificial means of reproducing the ingredient had failed. ——— THE MOD: Walking Problem Studios brings yet another popular cute franchise into RimWorld: The SmurfeRim Mod! The SmurfeRim brings the cute blue Smurfs into the world of RimWorld. You can either help bring the lost Smurfette, back together again with the Smurfs and Papa Smurf – and all live happily ever after under your roof…. OR you will need to face the ancient threat that had once faced by Gargamel the Great – eradicating the “Blue Threat” / Smurfestation before they get out of hand…. OR you can resume the role of Gargamel the Evil Wizard, to contain and farm these blue creatures of their “magic potion”, to bring health and happiness to the galaxy. P.S: Beware! If you suddenly feeling super good and happy for no apparent reason deep in the woods, you might had wandered right into a Smurf Village. FEATURES: – The Smurfs will be the only way you can acquire an important ingredient you always need, but can never produce – Smurfestations Events are extremely dangerous, never look down on the Smurfs – Papa Smurfs are tough, and their numbers often corresponds exactly as per the number of Smurf Villages there are on the map (on Rough difficulty, will be more or less depends on your difficulty settings) – Smurfs from Smurfestations cannot be tamed, they had pledged a lifetime of hatred for you. – The only smurfs that can be tamed are the “good smurfs” that we know from the movies and cartoons – The tame-able smurfs will wander into the map occasionally – If you want to reproduce smurfs, take note: there is only 1 female Smurf, and its Smurfette. – Smurfette may wander into your colony, and if you missed her, you may not see her again for a long long time – Papa Smurfs will not have sex with Smurfette, so forget about that kinky thought. – Blue Meat. Period. – Blue Skin/Leather. Period. – Smurfs breeds really quickly and are ideal in form your dispensable blue army! – But to have your own smurf army… you need Smurfette. -------- OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://walkingproblem.com/ FORUM LINK: https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=31927.0 NON-STEAM DOWNLOAD: http://walkingproblem.com/2017/11/28/smurferim3-0-smurfs-mod-now-in-b18/ STEAM DOWNLOAD: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=912714690 DEVELOPER'S DISCORD: https://discord.gg/W2Vb27T FACEBOOK PAGE: http://fb.com/walkingproblem --- CHANGELOG VER4.0: - Added 9 different type of smurf building replacing the old smurf village - change to only towncenter can spawn new buildings - each building serve a different purpose: spawning different items/pawns - added dessicated smurf- smurfs will now arm themselves with weapons - female smurfs will plant flowers everywhere they go - male smurfs will plant torches everywhere they go (limit to smurf's with a faction only) - smurf defend village AI is recoded - Added a brainy smurf variant of Smurf - Added a new species of smurf call the Smurfmando, which replaces Papasmurfs as the overpowered smurf in the village (as there can only be one Papasmurf for each village cluster) - Papasmurfs are limited to one per towncenter - Papasmurf will be respawned from the towncenter if the existing papasmurf is killed. CHANGELOG VER3.1: - added A Dog Said support via LBE ADS Easy Patcher - this is a steam exclusive update. CHANGELOG VER3.0: – updated to B18 – smurfs are a lot more easier to tame now – smurfs breeds super quickly, allowing you to build a dispensable smurf army – smurfs from smurfestations no longer identify themselves as insects – smurfs will now fight against insects and arachnids from the arachnids mod --- SUPPORT OUR MODS BE A PATRON: https://www.patreon.com/walkingproblem Your contributions will ensure all the mods will be kept updated and improved upon, as well as allowing more new awesome mods to be developed!