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This mod adds additional functions to the [b]vanilla power switch[/b]. Here you have various research topics available, which will improve the functionality of the switch. You can research the upgrade for a motion detector, an enemy detector and for a timer. [b]Note:[/b] Mod settings are available. [b]Description:[/b] - Pawn Detection in Room: Available after research with the normal switch. Detects if a Pawn (human, animal) is in the room - Pawn Detection within 7 squares: Available after research. Normal pawn detection mode for wall switches. Normal switches can be switched between this mode and the pawn in room mode by repeatedly pressing the selection button. - Enemy detection (within 1/2 of the map): Available after research. Available modes: Switch on when detected and switch off when detected. - Timer: Switches on and off at specified times. Time is initially set to 6h->On and 20h->Off. This can be changed by pressing the buttons repeatedly [b]NOTE:[/b] This mod can savely be added to a running savegame, but to use the functionality you have to destroy and rebuild (by debug mode or the normal way) the switches you already have, as the old ones don't have the needed references. (Version: 1.5.0) [b]Language:[/b] English, German, Russian, Chinese, Spanish Thanks to duduluu and Biscuit for the Chinese translation Thanks to 53N4 for the Spanish translation Thanks to Well for the Russian translation