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After their ship was destroyed, they landed on an unfamiliar planet. The locals referred to them as "New Arrivals." The land they crashed on was barren and unforgiving. There must be somewhere inhabitable on this rock! After landing, the New Arrivals continued traveling in hopes to find a new home; a better place to start. That's when they found it. It's not a Glitterworld palace, but it's probably their last chance before food runs out. Essentially the same as the default "New Arrivals" scenario with one major exception. The colonists start in the ruin of an old and decayed colony. A few walls still standing. A few machines and furniture still functional. A little bit of supplies left behind. Your new colony doesn't need to suffer the fate of the previous owners, however. Scrap what remains and use the materials to build something better, or repair what remains. It's a lot better than starting over. Below is listed the contents of the ruins. Mostly just clutter, but might sound like a lot. Feel free to ignore for best experience. _______________________________________________________________________ + 1 billiards table + 2 animal boxes + 5 steel beds + 1 hospital bed + 3 Crypto Caskets + 2 Grand sculptures + 5 small wooden sculptures + 2 chairs + 1 table + 1 hightech research bench + 1 stove + 1 butcher table +1 stonecutter's table + 1 fueled generator + 2 batteries + 5 hydroponic basins + 1 nutrient paste dispenser + 1 pod launcher + 1 firefoam popper + 5 cloth outfits + 500 each stone + a few weapons + various rubble of preexisting buildings. (walls doors conduits etc)