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Before you comment on how amazing my graphic design skills are, trust me, I know I'm good. This is a fun scenerio That may feel a little more "randomized" than the others. Start out with 3 people who will commonly have various chemical dependencies, but one thing is guaranteed. They are definitely hung over, and they definitely had the best night of their lives. But now they have to put the pieces together. They all just woke up in the rubble of a burning ship. There is clear evidence of a party lying around, but now they're on an unfamiliar planet, and not likely equipped for the rugged lifestyle. Either help them adjust to their new home, or craft a ship and escape in hopes that they didn't destroy their old relationships last night! As always, please leave feedback. I'd love to know what you think, and maybe even what can be improved! (This is a vanilla scenerio. No mods needed) __________________________________________________________________________ Start with 3 New Arrivals standing 18-32 years old 100% Joy and sleep 100% chance of hangover increased chance of various chemicals and chemical dependence. START WITH: 1 Cassowary 120 Beers 12 Lavish Meals 28 Survival Meals 25 Chocolate 6 Medicine 24 Herbal Medicine 1 Golden Mace 1 Pila 1 Assault Rifle 1 Ship Cryocasket 1 of each hyperweave clothing article Human guts. EVERYWHERE. Wood Beds Steel and weed scattered around the map