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Adds in Dryxsteel. An immeasurably strong material forged through extreme heat and pressure, it fuses plasteel in a lattice-style bond that increases its strength exponentially, as well as its resistance to heat. Used in the production of space elevators, reactor casings, anti-matter shells and other volatile substances. This is another of my testing materials. It's completely OP and it's meant to be. I'm uploading this because viewers of my channel and stream asked me to. Thanks Sera for the artwork! I've made it craftable at an Electric Smelter for 20 plasteel per Dryxsteel. Dryxsteel is just 20x Plasteel's health, 8x it's melee damage. Door opening speed is instant, beauty is.. Very high. As I said it's a testing material not meant for actual gameplay as it's just incredibly strong. https://www.youtube.com/c/barky if you want to see the material in action in my mod showcases. Thanks to Mlie for helping me update these, what a legend!!!