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Misc. MAI

*** You must load Miscellaneous CORE first for this to work without errors! *** -Mobile AI (Mai) MAI is a researchable and buildable mobile artificial intelligence. You need to research the basics, how an AI is programmed and how to build a mobile body for her. After you've done this you can build the automatic assembler, where most of the body will be produced automatically. After the assembler built your first ai body, you can activate it, as long as you have a crafting professional to do so. Note: Once MAI has been awoken, she won't allow further access to her programming, so denying you the abillity to upgrade her. Because of this you should research everything that you want for her to know before hand. Your Mai has, because of her metal body, a higher damage tollerance. She doesn't need to eat. But she does need to recharge her internal batteries. Caution: Once her damage is too high or even when her batteries are empty, she will initiate her emergency self destruction program. Try not to be anywhere nearby when she does that.. Help, my Assembler doesn't work! - Select the assembler and start the process by pressing the start button - Now it will display in the info field how many resources are needed. - Make sure you have the resources in a stockpile. - Now your haulers should transport the needed resources and the creation process will start. Showcase by BaRKy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFP28oOTd68 Special thanks to mrofa for the graphics. (Version: 1.3.0) Language: English, German, Russian, Chinese Thanks to duduluu and Buscuit for the Chinese translation Thanks to Well for the Russian translation