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[A17] Non-Lethal Tranquilizer Gun

[b]TL;DR[/b] A tranquilizer rifle that can put a non-Mechanoid Pawn to sleep after 4 consecutive hits. Can be crafted on Machining Table for 100 Steel / 8 Component. Can be customized by editing the XML files at [Steamapps]\workshop\content\294100\918386239 (eg: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\294100\918386239) [b]====================================================================[/b] [b]DOWNLOAD FOR NON-KEWL KIDZzz[/b] [b]A17:[/b] [url=https://www.gameindustry.ph/download/A17-NonLethalTranquilizerGun.rar]link[/url] [b]A16:[/b] [url=https://www.gameindustry.ph/download/A16-NonLethalTranquilizerGun.rar]link[/url] Manual install, extract to [Steamapps]\common\RimWorld\Mods (eg: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RimWorld\Mods) or to wherever your non-Gaben-blessed Rimworld mod folder is located. [b]====================================================================[/b] RimWorld currently has a system that randomly kills non-player Pawns that have been incapacitated (67% chance if normal Pawn, 47% chance if animal as of A17), presumably as a means to prevent your colony from becoming the next China. This is a real™ non-lethal weapon which bypasses that system, unlike other mods that claim to feature non-lethality. This weapon will fire debuffs that will slowly reduce a Pawn's Consciousness until it is knocked out. It takes 4 shots to put a Pawn to sleep. You can add or remove steps by modifying "Hediff_TranquilizerEffect.xml" (under "stages") . This is less of a mod and more of a guide for other modders create non-lethal weapons. The source is in the mod folder. This is to show how bonkers easy it is to create a non-lethals. C# sources are located at the mod's folder at [Steamapps]\workshop\content\294100\918386239\. [b]====================================================================[/b] [b]General F.A.Q.[/b] *** Is this really a REAL non-lethal weapon? Okay, you got me. It's semi-real™. The weapon can still kill in the some conditions. 1) The weapon still deals 1 damage to incite aggro to the Pawn. If set to 0, the target will just wander around like a retard while being shot at. 1a) Because it deals damage, it will kill a Pawn if it somehow manages to land a lethal shot. 1b) The damage is calculated before the tranquilizer debuff (and bypass) is pushed. If the shot manages to incapacitate the Pawn through damage (eg: shoot a leg off), the game will still roll the randomized chance of kiling the Pawn. 2) By default, there is an overdose kill stage that is reached when you shoot a Pawn 6 times. 3) If you create a stage with very low Conciousness (but not zero), it has a chance to kill. *** How is the tranquilizer effect removed? It has a countdown timer, as defined in Hediff_TranquilizerEffect.xml. Each subsequent hit resets the timer. *** How good is the mod compatiblity? No BS detours, injections or whatever. Just a custom bullet and a custom hediff, and a weapon based off the sniper rifle. *** Is it balanced? Nope. There's a reason why non-lethals are not implemented in RimWorld. As for actual weapon balance, I just copy-pasted the sniper rifle's stat from vanilla and tweaked it a bit. [b]====================================================================[/b] [b]XML Editing - Rifle shots (Hediff_TranquilizerEffect.xml)[/b] * I want to increase/reduce the number of shots needed before a Pawn goes to sleep! You can add or remove as many stages as you want, as long as there is at least one stage. * I want to prevent overdosing a Pawn! Remove the stage labeled "overdosed". * I want to create a one-shot, sleep-shot rifle! Remove all stages except the one labeled "asleep".