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M315 Motion Tracker

The M315 Motion Tracker is the latest innovation in Glitterworld motion-tracking technology! Now armed with a more aggressive detection system and a new hostility assessment feature, go try this spin-off of the original Motion Tracker from the REAL™ Aliens mod! FEATURES - Apparel for the pawn's Belt slot - Will attempt to ping only if the pawn is drafted - Detects non-player pawns in a 50-tile radius - Discriminates hostile pawns from friendly/neutral ones - Has two modes: Normal and hostiles only - Can be crafted from the Machining Table for [150 Steel/5 Component] after being researched NOTES - Does not detect pawns in fogged areas for balancing reasons (actually I have no fucking clue how to draw over fog as of posting, so we'll just go with the "balance" BS reasoning). PSA: Don't confuse this with the M314 Motion Tracker found in the REAL™ Aliens mod, which I forgot to set back to Belt layer.