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Космический рейнджер

5500 ... The Commonwealth and other races are again in danger. Armada of Mechanoids appeared from an unknown sector of deep space. In one of the far-off raids, patrolling the sector outside of our system, you entered into an unequal battle with a link of fighters mechanoids, and your ship were damaged, the blessing next was an unknown planet on which you were forced to make an emergency landing. Our task is to survive at all costs and deliver valuable information about the new enemy in the Commonwealth. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- - ATTENTION! Initial resources are not compatible with EdBPrepareCarefully. If you use this mod, then you already have to configure what you need. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- - Your faction: settlement. Starting number of people: 1 Initial resources: -Rating НЗ x60 -Front medication x40 -Platka (3-seater) made of fabric -wood x200 -Granitic blocks x200 -Pistol "Desert Eagle" -.50 Action Express Shell (FMJ) x500 The map will be scattered: -Split of the spacecraft x15 beam -Optional lock x10