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Lobotomy (outdated)

Note: This mod is outdated and you can find the updated mod over at https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1524343978 A mod for those who want to make those pesky prisoners nothing more than a slave for cleaning, hauling and mining they are also now extremely friendly. This mod alows you to perform the operation Lobotomy Needle which will require 1 Medicine 1 Lobotomy Needle (which is made in 10s at a crafting spot for 20 Steel) After you perform the operation the subject will get the following 0% talking 20% eating 40% Manipulation 100% opinion towards others +100 joy -10.5 social fight factor This procedure will only succeed 80% of the time so this is a rough draft of this mod if you have anything you would like me to add just tell me in the comments it will give you two errors when you launch i dont know how to fix them but they dont hinder the game from what i can tell if anyone wants to use this in their mod as a template or as a feature they have my blessing and i hope that they can do even better than me with my small line of code :P Thankyou to TheLocknessMonster for the idea for the needle :P ( i was going to add it anyway but you gave me the motivation because you told me you needed it in game)