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[wOS] Animation Extension - Experimental

[h1]YOU NEED THE wOS ANIMATION EXTENSION BASE FOR THIS TO WORK!![/h1] These are experimental animations made by wiltOS Technologies. They are reworked animations specifically designed for Garry's Mod taken from various games. [u]Current Inclusions[/u] Blade Symphony ( directly taken https://github.com/punyhumangames ) -- Leg weights changed for moving while attacking Cyber Diver ( just CYDI idle sequence for now ) The register for this addon is as follows: [code]wOS.AnimExtension.Mounted[ "Experimental" ][/code] [b]THESE ANIMATIONS ARE PROPERTY OF wiltOS TECHNOLOGIES AND MAKE NOT BE SOLD. IF YOU ARE USING THESE ANIMATIONS YOU MUST PROVIDE CREDIT![/b] [h1]Keep up to date with wiltOS Technologies by joining [url=http://steamcommunity.com/groups/wiltoscommunity]our Community Steam group![/url][/h1]