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[h1]Bridgello - It's a bridge mod, it adds [strike]bridges[/strike] railings.[/h1] [i]Bridge trolls not included[/i] adds supportless bridge tile, a boardwalk floor tile and railing pieces you can decorate with and even make diagonal bridges! [h3] Important note: [/h3] Use remove floor tool to deconstruct the supportless bridge piece, thank you! [h1]Compatibility thingies[/h1] A few people have had issues (Rotating blueprints) while having the mod 'Designator shapes' on. but others have ran with it just fine, so there is a potential mod clash there [h1]Credits[/h1] (Note the translations are for much older version and are not up to date) Russian translation by Well German translation by Ɲơɴɑɱɛ ت Polish translation by Dobre Mzimu! Thank you all!