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Set-Up Camp

v2.2 (B18 update) -------------------------- Set-Up Camp Mod By Nandonalt - Camp while travelling! -------------------------- SUMMARY: -> Adds a "Set-Up Camp" button on caravans. This creates a small map that you can zoom in anytime. -> The button will only show up on caravans formed after the mod was installed. If you plan on uninstalling this mod, please make sure you don't have any caravans or camps on the map. -> This does not require a new save. ------------------------------ This mod allows you to set up a caravan camp anywhere, without having to get ambushed or invading a rival faction. With this, you can rest, heal, hunt, make some food while far away from your home base. Depending where you stop, there'll be plenty of animals to hunt (or run away from). Camps can be visited by any caravan that you form. Settings: -> Found on Options -> Mod Settings -> Set-Up Camp -> You can change the maximum and minimum size of your camps. Default is 75-90. -> You can enable the PERMANENT CAMPS function, which disables the automatic deletion of the map when nobody's around. To remove permanent camps, just use the destroy button of it on the world map. -> Changes affect the entire game and aren't bound to saves. Please read: -> The camp deletes itself after the last colonist leave the area. You can't get any stuff back after that. (if they aren't permanent) Ludeon Forums link (including the A17 version): https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=29054.0