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MT - Everyone Hauls [1.0]

[Mittsies' Tweaks - Everyone Hauls] Allows any and all colonists to perform Hauling, Cleaning, and Plantcutting jobs even if their backstory disallows "Dumb Labor". This essentially disables the "incapable of dumb labor" attribute. Pawns are already technically capable of hauling: builders haul the resources to the site, cooks haul the ingredients to the stove, doctors haul body-parts to the operating table, and so on. Disabling hauling just creates really weird situations where a cook will travel 50 tiles over and over again to go pick up 10 pieces of rice instead of just bringing a full stack of 75 to the kitchen. Pawns are already technically capable of plantcutting as well: simply designate them to build an object where a tree is, and they will cut it down without an issue. Clearing snow uses the same job as Cleaning, and it can be extremely annoying to have pawns that won't do that for some reason. Also sometimes you just have a pawn who's bad at everything else and you just set him to clean your base in the meantime.