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More Faction Bases

Modifies number of Faction Bases and Factions that are spawned for the Beta 18 update. Changes the number of vanilla Factions that are spawned on the world map. This should result in a more diverse map with more factions that you can trade with or raid. Changes to Vanilla Faction Spawning: Outlanders: Increased the number of Outlander Factions that will spawn from 1 to 5. Tribes: Increased the number of Tribes Factions that will spawn from 1 to 5. Pirates: Increased number of Pirate Factions that will spawn from 2 to 4. Results: Expect to see around 5 hostile factions and 9 neutral factions being created and around 70 bases total. World Gen phase might be slightly slower due to more factions being spawned but there should be no effect on gameplay. In order for the new factions to generate without a starting a new game you need to use Orion's Faction Discovery Mod. Compatability: Should be no compatability issues as it only overwrites the vanilla Factions_Misc.xml file. Tested with Star Wars Factions and Rimsenal: Federation mods without issues occurring. Works with Orion's Faction Discovery Mod. If issues do occur, please post in comments. Enjoy A17 version available via GitHub: https://github.com/yliankuo/Faction-Bases-A17