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Banana Boyz

You are the chief of the Banana Boyz. Your village has been burned to the ground during a party during the night. You were safely escorted by 3 gaurds during the party to this location. Now you have to rebuild the Banana Boyz, or change it for the better. Your faction will be a New Tribe. Start with 4 people. Characters and creatures explode on death (bomb, radius???). Non-player characters have a 50% chance to start with trait: ????? Start with research: Stonecutting Incident created: -Self-???? Start with: -Silver x3000 -Lavish meal x21 -Herbal medicine x60 -Component x20 -Great bow x2 -Uranium spear -Golden longsword -Panther x3 -Steel x800 -Wood x489 -???? x1 Map is scattered with: -Ship chunk -Steel x1125 -???? x1 The Banana Sword has mystified some of the information on this page. To find out more you must wield the sword, and find out yourself.