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RWWB : Vanilla-friendly Weapons Expansion

A few tweaks here and there to bring the Vanilla-friendly weapons expansion in line with the RWWB project. It's refreshing to see a weapons mod that has some self restraint. Most of the weapons in this mod are actually very on par with vanilla. Or weaker, the only exception being the fifty cal rifle. Good mod! Here's some patch notes for the changes I've made. Fifty cal rifle damage from 56 to 54 Accuracy touch from 43 to 33 Accuracy short from 70 to 60 Accuracy medium from 84 to 74 Accuracy long from 92 to 82 Range from 48 to 47 Guided pulse SMG* Damage from 6 to 7 Cooldown from 1.07 to 1 Hide sling Damage from 6 to 11 Accuracy medium from 57 to 60 Accuracy long from 45 to 48 Improvised pistol Damage from 8 to 10 Accuracy medium from 28 to 48 Accuracy long from 10 to 35 Range from 17 to 19 Revolver Warmup from .8 to .92 Saw-off shotgun Damage from 16 to 20 Cooldown from 1.6 to 1.1 Accuracy short from 40 to 50 Accuracy medium from 18 to 38 Accuracy long from 10 to 30 Quarterstaff Cooldown from 1.6 to 1.5 Vintage assault rifle Burst from 4 to 5 Below is the documentation used in the making of this mod. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18sS12brn0e_xDUs4KxYvBX1kTHmOjzvqchZyHNREWMc/edit?usp=sharing *So, the guided pulse SMG is a weird one, and it might be OP with these changes? I'm not sure how to account for the 50% accuracy modifier, or the -20% aiming delay, these aren't exactly static modifiers, and I'm not sure how Rimworld calculates these attributes. Of all the weapons I've documented, the Guided Pulse SMG is the only one to use these modifiers, so I've got nothiong to compare it to. I've attempted to adjust its CR to take these into account, but I'm afraid the weighting I've given them is either too much or too little, only in-game performance/testing will really say. The Guided Pulse SMG is also balanced as a tier 3 weapon, or CCR (Spacer, on par with the charge rifle) Give me some feedback from your experiences with this weapon and I'll adjust how heavily weighted aim time and accuracy modifers are in my calculations.