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Magical Freezer

EDIT: asderzx asked a non-infinite magical freezer, so I did: costs a bit more (50 wood) and lasts 50 days. EDIT: WarlordTankMage asked me to change the name, so I did. Also added a HELLFIRE, burns to 500C, but can't be turned off. So yeah. EDIT: New MAGICAL torch! Burns a little bit brighter (enough for a 11x11 room if located at center). EDIT: With a new MAGICAL FIREPLAAAACE! No need for fuel, warms at +- 2x speed than regular campfire. Fixed at 21ºC, since it's a rather chilly magical fire. EDIT: Now also contains a MAGICAL COOLER! Same stuff, but fixed at 18ºC. Now on to your usual mod description. It is a MAGICAL freezer! It works forever and has a fixed target temperature of -10ºC. It is obviously overpowered and should be considered cheating. I was just pissed off about getting food in a Tribal game and made this. Need 50 wood, uses the same artwork as Passive Cooler (because I'm not an artist, look at the "Preview") and can push -30 heat/second - enough to keep a 5x5 room at -10ºC (more or less, depending on wall thickness and outside temperature.