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[XND] Improved Anesthetic

Direct download from [url=https://github.com/XeoNovaDan/ImprovedAnesthetic/releases/latest]GitHub[/url]. [h1][b]Compatibility[/b][/h1] I'm not aware of any mods that this mod currently conflicts with. [h1][b]Overview[/b][/h1] Improved Anesthetic gives anesthetic a recovery process after the patient wakes up from their anesthesia, making anesthetic more realistic. Anesthetic has now been split into the following stages: [b]Sedated:[/b] The patient is unconscious during this stage, and they also won't feel any pain. Lasts 6 hours like vanilla. [b]Woozy:[/b] Limits consciousness to 70% and significantly reduces physical capacity but the patient is also high during this period, giving them a positive thought. Vomiting is quite frequent, and the patient may also be forgetful and break down in confusion. Lasts another 6 hours. [b]Recovering:[/b] Limits consciousness to 90% and slightly reduces physical capacity, and the high is over. The patient may still vomit, have some memory lapses, and go on random walkabouts, but this is significantly less likely to happen than during the 'Woozy' stage. Lasts anywhere from 6 to 42 hours. In terms of impact on the game's difficulty, this mod will make the game harder because of anesthetic's impact on pawn capacities. [h1][b]Credits[/b][/h1] Marnador for their great RimWorld font. [h1][b]License[/b][/h1] As is standard with my mods: you may include this mod in a mod pack, and you may derive from this, but please inform me if you're doing so either through here or Ludeon Forums, and give credit where credit's due.