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Way more vanilla factions [A17]

I've always wanted more factions to be around, for additional trading and raiding options. After failing to find a mod that does it, i made this. THIS IS A VERSION OF THE MOD THAT MAKES AN INSANE NUMBER OF FACTIONS I DO _NOT_ RECCOMEND playing with this many, just looks like it would get confusing to me. Tested it breifly, no problems! Good if you want every base on the map to be a different faction. The version that only forces 4 of each is here, i reccomend this one! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=830221184 [THIS MOD DOES NOT MAKE MORE SETTLEMENTS APPEAR, IT ONLY INCREASES THE VARIETY OF THE ONES ALREADY PRESENT. THANKYOU] Changes: -forces TEN tribe factions, rather than the default 1-2 -forces TEN outlander factions, rather than the default 1-2 -makes outlander town icon colors more... colorful. -forces TEN raider factions, (possibly allowing 6, I think?) Probably won't affect the frequency of raids/caravans Should be compatible with old save files, overwrites factions_misc (so it probably won't work or will break mods that also play with adding/tweaking the vanillia factions) Please note you will need to create a new game to see the affects of this mod. Be warned: This is my second rimworld mod, I have no experience, issues are possible. Forum post with older versions: https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=29246.msg295054#msg295054