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USCM - Core

Welcome colonists ! The United States Colonial Marines are glad to know that you will soon enlist in our ranks ! Or at least buy our surplus equipments to help us fighting pirates and every evil creatures threatening our precious colonies ! This mod introduces weapons and armors of the alien franchise, plus a new USCM trader selling Surplus USCM armors and weapons. - Current Weapons : > M4A3 Pistol : Standard pistol. it could save your life... Sometimes. > 88 MOD 4 Pistol : Low power but more rapid fire than M4A3 pistol. > M4A4 Pistol : Newer version of the M4A3 pistol. A bit more hurtful. > M37A2 Pump Shotgun : Close combat deadly weapon. It can stop a charging muffalo. That's what the advertiser says ! > M41A Pulse Rifle : The best friend of the marines. 10x24mm caseless ammunitions with rapid fire. Make them bleed ! > M42A Sniper Rifle : Deadly sniper. Ideal for openfield operations. > M56 Smartgun : Heavy auto-targeting machinegun able to deliver a rain of steel on any incoming foe. Nothing should survive a front assault against that. Almost... Just, don't even think to run or work with that thing on your shoulders. > M240 Flamethrower : Maybe the deadliest weapon of the USCM. Make them burn ! [Thanks to Skullywag for the .dll and projectile] > M5 Rocket Propelled Grenade : Four rockets packed inside an RPG. Originaly made against armored targets, the M5 has been mostly used as an anti-infantry weapon, with great success. - Current apparels and armors : > M10 helmet (camo version) > USCM Pilot helmet > M3 armor (camo version) > USCM pants > Marines T-shirts [Thanks to SkyArkhangel] > Marines Bodysuits [Thanks to SkyArkhangel] - Mod Order : > Put absolutely all game changing mechanics mods BEFORE USCM - Core > Put all USCM mods AFTER USCM - Core Combat Extended patch : https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=39148.0 Special Thanks : - SkyArkhangel > Base models for some clothes - Skullywag > Flamethrower