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Sword and Magic-Potions (剑与魔法-药剂)

Potions are a key to been a mage, they use potions to enhance thrmself and their allies, some top potions can even worth lifes. This mod will add some potions that you can craft at a crafting spot after researching Basic/Advance/Ultimate Magic. Making potions cost Magic Essences but they are not addictive...at all. PS: I messed up my laptop..and it has been sent back to fix. 药剂是成为一个合格法师的关键,这些效果不同的药剂可以用来强化魔法师自身或是她的盟友。甚至有些高级的药剂,价值连城。咱这mod将会添加一些可以再制作点用魔法精华制作的的药剂,药剂不会上瘾。哦,对了,别忘了你要先研究魔法学。 PS: 我像个智障一样把我电脑搞坏了,所以现在在回厂重装。