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Pirate Raid Survivors

The six of you were supposed to serve in some capacity on the SS.Yulia, a cargo vessel that belonged to a very influential corporation. The survivors had been offered a massive sum of money in order to guard this seemingly typical cargo ship. Shocked by what a lucrative deal it was, they took the job without a single thought. Little did they know that the ship's course would lead them right through pirate territory. The corporation had stored significant amounts of contraband such as luciferium, terawatt-range grasers, along with much more. They had hoped that the ship would be damaged enough to have a good reason to skip mandatory inspections due to some "safety concerns". What they did not consider was that one of the pirate groups happend to be in posession of a salvaged military cruiser. While the cruiser's main guns were only operating at half capacity, it was just enough to incapacitate the ship. Our six protagonists then found a small shuttle and smashed into the rimworld below. Your faction will be a New Arrivals. Start with 6 people. Start with research: Mending Start with research: Smithing Start with research: Basic fuses Start with research: Microelectronics basics Start with research: Machining Start with: -Luciferium x350 -Packaged survival meal x75 -Component x80 -Assault rifle x4 -Sniper rifle x2 -LMG x2 -Armor vest x8 -Steel advanced helmet x8 -Bionic spine -Bionic hand x2 -Bionic leg x2 -Panther x2