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Project Fallout v1.8b (Weapon Texture Overhaul)

Adds weapons, armor, consumables, creatures, and more from the Fallout seires of video games. My current plans are to include every possible weapon, creature, consumable, and anything else from the Fallout series that I can manage to get working in the Rimworld engine. After that plans are to both create an overhaul version that replaces vanilla Rimworld, as well as breaking the mod into sections for each type of addition (weapons, armor, creatures, etc...) This mod is still very much in progress, so if you encounter incompatibilities or bugs, let me know in the discussion page for bugs. Currently includes: 70+ Weapons (Including Unique variants), Power Armor (T-45, X-01, Raider), Chems (Like Mentats, Jet, and Jet), Clothing (Vault Jumpsuits), Creatures (Brahmin and Bighorners), Foods and Growable Crops (Nuka Cola, Tatos, Sunset Sarsparilla and more), and Implants (V.A.T.S and more). If I were to try and list everything individually, it'd take a while. Polish Version (Do not use alongside this version/Outdated): http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=853781845 Check out my other mod that adds all sorts of things that go boom here (On hiatus/Outdated): http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=780327768 For a standalone version of the T-45 Power Armor, check out Chicken Plucker's mod: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1206182857 Official Scenarios: *None Updated for 1.0* New in update v1.8 Detailed list of bugfixes and changes coming shortly Weapons are now properly sorted into categories for stockpiles Pipe guns now spawn with an attached quality Pipe guns can now be crafted without wasting resources Vault Suits (and other apparel) now correctly adjust pawn temperature tolerance Power Armor's armor ratings have been massively buffed to scale more closely to vanilla power armor Power Armor bodies now give buffs to carrying capacity and melee hit chance Power Armor (helmets and bodies) no longer give large penalties to movement and work speed (save for Raider PA) Power Armor helmets armor stats were equalized with their respective bodies Power Armor helmets now give slight buffs to shooting accuracy Brahmin no longer have texture issues during some life stages All apparels and armor have lowered crafting time and require less materials Power Armor and Pipboys now have crafting and intellectual skill requirements Chems (drugs) now require more realistic materials to craft, and give higher increases overall Removed some junk code revolving addiction and tolerance from all Stimpaks Traits now correctly display their description with pawn names and pronouns Most (if not all) traits have been buffed to reduce reliance on the skill increases Nuka Quartz's effects should now properly expire Ripper craft cost has been reduced and damage has been buffed significantly Vault floor textures now properly display Hardened Leather should no longer fill entire shops New in version 1.8b Replaced all gun and melee weapon textures! Pack Rat trait is re-enabled (should fix the bug some of y'all have been experiencing) Animals and plants (added by this mod) are now correctly more resistant/immune to toxic fallout PLEASE FOR MY SAKE, IF YOU FIND ISSUES GIVE ME DETAILED DESCRIPTIONS BECAUSE I'M DUMB. Link to the Ludeon Forums post (OUTDATED): https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=14492.msg150982#msg150982 Credit to the following for assistance/assets used in this mod: Stinkycat752- Made the logo and many weapon textures for the mod odstriman - Making a bunch of clothing, some weapons, and misc textures sma352 - Making most of the plants, food, and melee weapons Mrofa- Making the 9 Iron, Stimpack, Ultra Stimpack Alistaire- Letting me use some code for the Anti-Materiel Rifle's anti-materiel damage. Lord Pippin- Gave me a sizable file with textures, code, and sound. Fuji- Made textures for Vault jumpsuits van tarken- Made textures for X-01 Power Armor JangoD'soul- Made textures for the T-45 Power Armor Erdelf- Made code for Stimpacks TaPaKaH111 - Made textures for Mole Rat Plymouth - Made textures for most shotguns, mentats Folgore - Made textures for Plasma Defender, Multiplas Rifle, and Wattz 1000 & 2000 Helixien - Made textures for Tri-Beam Laser Rifle Daffxter - Made textures for Pipboy, Radroach, and Giant Gecko Shotgunfrenzy - Made textures for lots of weapons, and the melee workbench RamRod - Texture assistance! Winnie_the_Jinping - Bugfixes and WIP CE Patch

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