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Apparello 2

Tons of new clothing, complete with stat bonuses and whatnot! [h1] Important notes [/h1] -If you're using CE, please make sure Apparello is anywhere below/after CE in the load order -When adding the mod to already started colony remember to check and edit your Apparel storage zones and Outfits (in the Assign tab) to allow the new clothing, as they are disabled by default. [h1] Contents [/h1] [b] 52ish hats, 15ish pants and 30ish pieces of other apparel, some of which may only be acquired through traders or raiders. For example all of the eyewear.[/b] [b] 6 researches [/b] - Apparel design and patterning - Safety standards - Apparel augmentation (not as exciting as it sounds!) - Prototype apparel - Quilting (Available without research on Classic start) - Tribal adornment (Tribals get this one for free in their scenario) - Starfleet uniforms [b] 2 Buildings [/b] - Tinkering bench - Schematic cabinet (Addon for Hi tech research bench and Tinkering bench, Only available from traders!) [b]Translations[/b] - May or may not be outdated - Chinese translation by Gosha - Russian translation by Hikistnyaicu

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