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❗️ Command your colonists like a boss! Pronounced like “A[h] - tung” where “[h]” is like the beginning sound of the superhero name “Hulk”. ❗️ The Achtung! mod enhances how you control RimWorld. You will get more control on how to position your colonists and how they take job orders. In a nutshell you can: - position your drafted colonists along a line (better than vanilla 1.3!) - move them in formation (1.3 can’t do that) - give orders to multiple colonists at once - click the white button to force jobs so they get uninterrupted attention - haul and repair outside allowed areas - have a new 'Rescue' work type that you can prioritize to your liking Examples of what you can do: [list][*]👍 Save time by issuing a command with more than one colonist selected. For example: select three brawlers and right click an enemy, then choose "melee". Done. [*]👍 In combat, position colonists equally spaced in door openings. Select multiple drafted colonists and with the right mouse button drag a line. Achtung! will move your colonists to equally spaced positions in real time. 10 colonists into 10 doors? No problem! [*]👍 Fall back a few steps with a group of colonists? Easy. Select them and hold the configured key to move them relative to their current formation. You can even rotate the formation with the standard rotation keys. [*]👍 Make sure that wall and the sandbags are build before the raid arrives. No cloudwatching or eating allowed! Use the [Force] button that Achtung! adds to all "Prioritize..." menus and you can be sure that all assigned work will be done. [*]👍 Want one colonist harvest and another sow these three fields? Force them to their tasks and queue up non-adjacted fields by simply adding forced work on them (like ordinary jobs but without the shift key). [*]👍 Treat all injured colonists in their beds? Select a doctor, choose "Prioritize tending... [Force]" and increase the search range so nearby patients will be included (you will see a small "!" on all forced job). Then focus on other important stuff because you can be sure it's done. [/list] The original three Achtung! commands [b]Clean Room[/b] and [b]Fight Fire[/b] still exist because they do stuff a bit smarter than the build in prioritized work commands. [b]FORCED WORK[/b] Force a job by clicking on the ⚡button inside the context menu. [list][*]☝️ Forced work will be completed without interruption (you can se the break limits to avoid the pawn collapsing). [*]☝️ You can also force a bunch of work to multiple pawns and they will share the work more efficient than with priotising. [*]☝️ For building stuff, forced work will priotise things in the order of usefulness. So walls and electricity first and floors and decorations last. It also prevents pawns from building themselves in and get stuck (if smart modus is on). [*]☝️ Forced work automatically extends to new cells that are adjacted so if you add more blueprints while someone is building then they get included. [*]☝️ If you just click on the ⚡button, directly adjacent cells will be considered. If you instead, press and hold the mouse button on ⚡, then drag it away from where you pressed, you can extend the distance between forced cells and jump over gaps of potential work. [/list] [b]SETTINGS[/b] Do yourself a favor and have a look at the mod settings. Understanding/changing the few important keys and values is essential for getting the full feature set of the mod and avoids confusion. Achtung uses the default way to access mod settings. There, you find switches to turn certain features on/off and you can change the default keys to your liking. [b]COMPATIBILITY[/b] The latest version of Achtung is only compatible with the latest version of RimWorld. Older game versions need Achtung 3.4.4 which can be downloaded at my github at https://github.com/pardeike/Achtung2/releases/tag/v3.4.4.0 Achtung! is developed with the user in mind. To stay compatible with other mods, Achtung! was developed to stay out of its way and does not overwrite any essential functions. Instead, it reuses existing functionality and probably works with 99% of other mods out of the box. Here are the current issues and their workarounds: ❗ Achtung is constantly updated and rumors about it slowing down the game are either outdated or exaggerated. ❗ Achtung reports an error in the context menu! When you click on the map, Achtung sets itself between vanillas menu system and each mod calculating what menu rows it should show. Whenever a mod errors during this process it looks like it’s Achtung causing this problem. Which is not the case. Achtung does nothing to the content of the menu items. Instead it is designed to display a warning so you get at least something instead of the whole menu being not displayed because some mod threw an error. This is a feature that can help you analyse the problem with one of your other mods. It is never an Achtung bug. Please take your problem to the official RimWorld Discord. Their Troubleshooting channel will help you with their cumulative knowledge. ❗ Achtung! defaults to "smart building". If you think this is too slow or if you don't like colonists doing stuff "in circles" you can turn the smartness off by using the rightmost button in the bottom row (the one with the draft button). You can even make this a default in the mod preferences. Keep in mind that smart building often requires you to choose your click location strategically to be most effective. This way you can choose one end and let the colonist work in the intended direction. Turning off smartness will result in the chaotic vanilla experience. ❗ Achtung! usually does not modify save state for saved games to avoid a dependency on it. However, a side effect of the provided custom jobs is that when save the game and your colonists are actively running an Achtung job this will be saved too thus creating a dependency to Achtung. Workaround: open the saved game with Achtung, cancel all Achtung jobs and save it again. This will "clean" the save and remove the dependency. ❗MoreThanCapable patches AddJobGiverWorkOrders in a way that Achtung cannot work on. Moving Achtung above MoreThanCapable will fix Achtung and might break things in MoreThanCapable instead. These two mods cannot simply coexist without major changes. [hr][/hr] [b]FEEDBACK[/b] [i]The Comments section is disabled and your only way to send feedback is via my [url=https://discord.gg/fQp4MDbdxg]discord server[/url][/i] [b]MY OTHER MODS[/b] I make RimWorld mods since 2015. Check out all my other mods on my [url=https://steamcommunity.com/id/brrainz/myworkshopfiles/?p=1&numperpage=30]Workshop page[/url] [b]SUPPORT ME![/b] Please support me with as little as $1 on my [url=https://patreon.com/pardeike]Patreon page[/url] [b]CONTACT[/b] Andreas Pardeike Email: andreas@pardeike.net Discord: https://discord.gg/DsFxX5PG67 Twitter: https://twitter.com/pardeike Twitch: https://twitch.tv/brrainz

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