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Blood Pact Ritual

Adds the ability to make blood pacts, a powerfull double-edged bond for your colonists. This aims to create new possibilites in combat... and some drama as well ! [h1]BLOOD PACT HOW-TO[/h1] [list] [*]between 2 colonists [*]using the ritual dagger (craftable for a small jade and wood cost at a crafting spot, no ressearch needed) [*]one colonist must attack the other, which consumes the ritual dagger and creates the blood pact between your two colonists. [*]at most one blood pact per colonist [*]permanent. [b]Once done, it can't be undone[/b]. [/list] [h1]BLOOD PACT EFFECTS[/h1] [list] [*]both colonists share injuries. They split damages between them, and even reduce the total amount of damage applied. [list] [*][i]This makes them much more resilient in fight, especially if only one of the two is exposed to damage.[/i] [/list] [*][b][u]both colonists share death. If one die, the other die[/u][/b]. [*]the relation between the two colonists will impact their mood, and the pact power : [list] [*][i]if they hate each other, the blood pact will be less effective, and they will be sad[/i] [*][i]if they love each other, the blood pact will be more effective, and they will be happy[/i] [/list] [*]also they generaly won't like being really far apart from each other. [/list] [h1]MOD OPTIONS[/h1] Theses can be enabled or disabled at will. [list] [*][b]Allow blood pacts with animals[/b] (enabled by default): Your colonists can make blood pacts with tamed animals. The pact power will be based on the presence (or absence) of a Bond between the two, but will be on the low side. As some animals are fairly strong (Thrumbo), this might create some unbalance. [*][b]Recruit prisoners with blood pact[/b] (enabled by default): Prisoners may be forced into your colony by creating a blood pact between them and one of your colonist. They might be quite unhappy about it though. [*][b]Allow pawn revolt[/b] (enabled by default): Involved pawns may botch a blood pact ritual by going berserk if they strongly oppose to it. If they're not able to revolt (option is disabled, or downed pawns) they will get a strong mood debuff instead. [list] [*][i]colonists: based on mood, and opinion of the other pawn[/i] [*][i]prisoner: based on (improved) recruit chance, which also involves opinion and mood.[/i] [*][i]animals: based on Bond. An animal have the most chance to revolt when the colonist it shares a bond with is not the one involved in the blood pact[/i] [/list] [*][b]Pact shared damage needs tending[/b] (disabled by default): When damage is shared through a blood pact, the shared part will bleed and need tending. [/list] [h1]FAQ[/h1] Q) Is a new save required ? A) Nope ! Q) Is a blood pact with an animal possible ? A) If the relevant option is activated, then yes. But it will have a low efficiency (that is, little damage shared). The death part still happen, though Q) Can I create a blood pact with a raider ? Can a raider create a blood pact with one of my colonist ? A) No. Blood pacts can only happen within the player faction (including prisoners if the relevant option is activated). Q) What happen if I still make my colonists attack raiders with the ritual dagger anyway ? A) The same thing as if you made them attack with a (crappy) shiv. Q) What if one of my colonist attack another by accident with a ritual dagger ? A) No blood pact will happen : both parties must be able and willing to perform a ritual. The only exception concerns downed pawned : they have no choice but to accept the ritual (they won't be happy though). Q) How strong a blood pact can be ? I want numbers ! A) The strength of a blood pact depends on the mutual opinions of 2 pawns. The more they like each-other, the more damage they share, and the more resilient they become. It ranges from : [list] [*] Worst case, they hate each other: 90% of damage to the original target, 10% shared. [*] Best case, they love each other: 30% of damage to the original target, 30% shared. Yup, that means 60% of every attack is ignored. [/list] Q) That's overpowered ! A) That's not a question, and yes, it's strong. But every time you expose theses really tanky pawns to danger, you take the risk of having double casualties. Also, the pact is permanent. Even if your pawns decide they suddenly hate each other, it'll persist. You better take extra care of them ^_^ [h1]COMPATIBILITY[/h1] This mod should be compatible with any other mod. It is also compatible with EdB Prepare Carefully, which you can use to add blood pacts to your starting colonists (via the "Relations" tab). -- Have fun ^_^

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