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Solar Generator

A small solar panel attached to a waterproofed power pack. In general, this gives you a solar panel capable of producing 200W at full sun, and stores 100 Wd. The idea came to me, as I was forced to settle a caravan temporarily to fix a wound from a manhunter pack. Coupled with a mod for setting up temporary camp, or 'recovering' from an event - this lightweight power generator and storage battery should last a single night at full charge in most situations of running a single heater or A/C unit. The plasteel and component cost is higher than a full sized steel setup - because plasteel is, in theory, less weight as well as being more tolerable of damp conditions. Final code was written by myself with code attribution (meaning I looked at the following people's code) from the following: Ludeon Studios, Skullywag, and Xen. Following Skullywag's license, and my own feelings on this matter, you are free to use/examine/borrow code from this content as long as no money is made from it directly or indirectly. Art was created by Snickerdoodle.