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Anti Material Rifle +

Some more high power, unique rifles for the mid and late game. [b] Requires [url=http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=732511524&searchtext=anti+material+rifle] anti material rifle [/url] as the mod uses some sounds and rounds from the original mod.[/b] [h1] AI enhanced anti material rifle [/h1] A colonist has found a way to jam the AI core into a small battery and stuck it onto the barrel of a rifle; somehow this improves accuracy at range to the point where in open fields it cannot miss, the AI also targets key areas and will do slightly more damage than the un-modified version. However up close the AI seems to panic and shuts down causing diabolical accuracy for the shooter. The rifle itself needs a long time to recharge after shooting leaving the shooter vulnerable to attacks. [b] Stats [/b] Damage - 65 Speed - 150 Range - 60 Warmup - 1.5 seconds Cooldown - 7 seconds Market value - 6500 [b] Cost [/b] Steel - 150 Uranium - 10 Component - 8 AI persona core - 1 [h1] Short barrel anti material rifle [/h1] Paul the Muffalo had stood on the masterwork anti material rifle breaking the barrel in two. Still useable, the machinest managed to stick a muzzle break on the end and swapped out the sight and stock creating a "[i]new[/i]" weapon. In tests it excelled at closer ranges but the inefficiency in barrel length means the round won't go as far and deals less damage. [b] Stats [/b] Damage - 35 Speed - 110 Range - 25 Warmup - 1 seconds Cooldown - 1.25 seconds Market value - 1000 [b] Cost [/b] Steel - 110 Component - 6 [h1] 20mm Anti material rifle [/h1] After taking down a raid of space pirates, the colony had found a new weapon in the loot the pirates had nicked; a huge 20mm rifle. One of the pacifistic colonists who had no clue about weapons picked it up and accidentally pulled the trigger causing the chambered round to punch a hole through the store room wall... and the kitchen... and then outside where it opened up the ancient danger. [b] Stats [/b] Damage - 100 Speed - 110 Range - 75 [i]The range, being so large, won't show when attempting to target something. I think this is a limit with the game, sorry.[/i] Warmup - 3 seconds Cooldown - 3 seconds Market value - 2500 [b] Cost [/b] Plasteel - 120 Uranium - 100 Component - 8 [h1]Anti material rifle explosive rounds [/h1] .50 rounds are in abundance in the stocks of off world traders. Buying these in bulk, the colony started experimenting with new ammo types, sticking new combinations in hollowed out bullet tips. Uranium, insect bits and body parts from the [i]"special prison"[/i] were among the new ammo. Most of them didn't fare well, however, one of the more normal combos stopped a group of angry beavers, this additive being chemfuel. The added chemfuel makes the rounds explode on impact. It's a small explosion but that doesn't still tears down walls. [b] Stats [/b] Damage - 40 [i]Explosive[/i] Speed - 130 Range - 55 Warmup - 2.5 seconds Cooldown - 2 seconds Market value - 1500 [b] Cost [/b] Steel - 120 Chemfuel - 45 Component - 10 [b]Please let me know if there are any balancing issues or ideas for weapons that you have as I would be very greatful to know where the mod can be improved. Cheers![/b]