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[OLD VERSION] A Dog Said... Animal Prosthetics

[h1]NEW VERSION NEW VERSION NEW VERSION NEW VERSION[/h1] [b] A Dog Said... Animal Prosthetics 2[/b] >>> https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3238353862 <<< [h2] FEEL FREE TO SUB AND USE THE NEW VERSION OF THIS AS I AM NO LONGER MODDING. IT IS VERY SIMILAR, AND WITH A NEW MOD AUTHOR. THIS MOD WILL STAY UP TO NOT BREAK PEOPLES GAMES AND TO FASCILITATE MOVING OVER AS SMOOTH AS POSSIBLE. [/h2] This still works and is updated up to 1.5 [b] it has been 10 wonderful years, but now take care everyone, hope your animals stay safe, xxx spoon [/b]

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