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Have you ever wanted to make sandbags out of anything else besides STEEL? Ever wonder why your sandbags were so freaking heavy? Ever think a sadbag made of steel was more like a steel brick than a bag? Well today that changes! Now make sandbags out of any stone or mineral! Yes, you can make gold sandbags and show off to the neighbors! Jade sandbags, so pretty! This is a super simple mod, XML only. It could be taken a lot farther, i.e. adding sand as a resource, which has to be put in at world generation. I never intended to take it that far, I was just tired of wasting my precious steel on sandbags. Currently this also changes the HP based on the material, steel is still 450, others vary. I need to find how to override this, unless more people want to leave it this way. There is a MaxHitPoints value which I left at 450, but clearly thats not limiting it. Plasteel was in the 1200hp or so range. There is one error (that I know of), if you add this to an existing save and try to deconstruct old sandbags made before you added this mod, it will fail to deconstruct them and popup and error. It doesn't seem to hurt anything, it just won't deconstruct them.