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Efficient Light (Obsolete)

Lowers power consumption of standing lamp from 75 to 25. This was a personal mod I created a couple of months ago that I've updated for the Steam release. Please leave any feedback you have. This mod should be compatible with most others. If this mod isn't working for you (it should, it barely changes anything) try moving it to the end of your mod load order, or the beginning (after any mods that are like "LOAD ME FIRST!") and that should probably resolve your issue. **A15 Update- Thank you all for the stellar feedback. I probably won't be doing anything like adding in tech research, but I encourage you to bring your ideas to Tynan's attention on the Ludeon forums, or to make such a mod yourself! RimWorld is a great game that is easily moddable, and I would be thrilled if my tiny contribution inspired someone to make an even better version of Efficient Light.** **A16 Update- Lots of great, new stuff for Rimworld! Luckily, this mod is so simple it's a breeze to update. (silently prays I didn't screw it up somehow)** **A17 Update- Good luck, have fun!** **B18 Update** **B19 Further reduced standing lamp draw to 30w, which is good enough for me. I won't be updating this mod going forward. Thanks for making it one of the most popular mods, and happy gaming!** Ludeon forum thread: https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=21795.0