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Cryo Gun

Contains a gun that gives enemies frostbite instead of bulletholes. V1.0 I just made this so it will likely be unbalanced in some way, it appears okay to me, though. V1.1 For some reason it had a very very low time to create, it should be fixed to be high now. Made component cost more realistic in terms of the normal LMG. V1.2 Ah, figured it out For some reason the coding of how much work it takes to make a weapon is not equal to what it takes in game I tested 2000 work to make and in game it was 37 Truly fixed now, and no it's not actually 2000, it's just over 900, about 50% more time to build it than the LMG V1.3 Those of you who already subscribed to this mod will be happy to know it now has it's own texture! It was going to look AMAZING...but for some reason there is a white border around it Barely noticable but...noticable still I'll try to fix it but no guarantees Check out the modder known as jecrell, he made most of the best Rimworld mods. Feel free to comment ideas of improvement!