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The Prone Mod - wOS

[b]Give those tired legs a break and go prone![/b] [b]Note:[/b] This version of the addon requires [url=https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=918084741]wOS - Base Extension[/url] and [url=https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=918084741]wOS - Prone Mod Extension[/url] to work. [b]Note:[/b] This addon may cause some NPCs to glitch into prone animations at random times. Currently this issue is known but will not be addressed until a proper solution is found. [h1]How do I install this?[/h1][list] [*] Make sure you, everyone else in your game, and the server itself (if you have a dedicated server) all have this addon, and it's two dependency addons, installed. Then restart your game. [b]Dedicated servers need the models mounted on the server.[/b][/list] [h1]How do I go prone?[/h1] [list][*] By default either double tap the crouch button or enter "prone" into console.[/list] [h1]How do I change what key it is to go prone?[/h1] [list][*] Type "prone_config" in console.[/list] [h1]Model X doesn't work properly with the Prone Mod, what can I do?[/h1] [list][*] This addon works by adding prone animations to the base Garry's Mod and HL2 animation models, not to each model in the game itself. If a model is not working with this addon you should direct your complaints to the creator of said model.[/list] [h1]I see a config menu in the images above, how do I access it?[/h1] [list][*] Use the GitHub version of the addon linked [url=https://github.com/gspetrou/Prone-Mod/]here[/url]. The config file is in prone_mod/lua/prone/config.lua[/list] [h1]How does this work with Clockwork, Nutscript, or Helix?[/h1][list] [*] (As of June 2020) Perfectly fine, just like any other gamemode.[/list] [h1]Do I need to use wOS for this addon to work?[/h1][list] [*] Nope, use [url=https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1100368137]this[/url] version instead. This other version will not work with wOS.[/list] [h1]My view while prone keeps bouncing/I can prone really fast/I can jump while prone/etc[/h1][list] [*] This is because some addon is conflicting with the Prone Mod. The best thing to do would be to pinpoint the exact addon causing the problem and letting [url=steamcommunity.com/id/your-stalker]Stalker[/url] know about it.[/list] [h1]The addon doesn't work![/h1][list] [*] It most likely does but Garry's Mod supports only one single addon that adds animations at a time. The wOS version of this addon was made to help circumvent this but not every animation addon supports it. Please test the addon on a vanilla server before reporting that the addon doesn't work.[/list] [h1]I'm a lua developer, does your addon have an API?[/h1][list] [*] Yep, [url=https://github.com/gspetrou/Prone-Mod/blob/master/prone_mod/lua/autorun/prone_init.lua]here[/url] is the documentation.[/list] [h1]I'm making my own animations base, how do I add support for your Prone Mod?[/h1][list] [*] Follow [url=https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/775573383/2570942216291501566/]this[/url] guide.[/list] [h1]I have another problem not covered here, where should I ask?[/h1] [list][*] Post it in the pinned Report Issues Here thread below.[/list] [h1]Console Commands:[/h1] [code]prone -- Lets you go in and out of prone. prone_config -- Opens up a menu to change what keys make you go prone. prone_movespeed -- Sets the move speed of the players while prone (Server only). prone_disabletransitions -- Disables view transitions between prone get up/down. [/code] [b]Github Link[/b] - https://github.com/gspetrou/Prone-Mod [b]Stalker[/b] - Responsible for the Lua code. Contact him for support. [b]Stiffy360[/b] - Responsible for porting and tweaking the animations. [b]DO NOT[/b] contact him for support. Don't forget to leave an honest comment or rating!

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