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Halloween Special Edition

This is a small "Halloween Special Edition" addon presented by RIMkea and fashionRIMsta The masks can be crafted at a [u]crafting spot[/u] and the furniture requires no research to be built (under RIMkea TAB) [i]This is just a fun little cosmetic mod. The items are in no way balanced or "useful" for gameplay! :D[/i] [b]Addon includes:[/b] [h1]from RIMkea[/h1] [b]FLAPRAG[/b] rug - Halloween Special Edition The flappiest and battiest of rugs! [b]WEBSTENT[/b] rug - Halloween Special Edition Before you scream "KILL IT WITH FIRE!" thinking of the creator of this web, let us soothe your worries - it is completely artificial. Thanks to the brave explorers of the RIMkea Research Dept. you do not have to face the beasts yourself and can decorate your halloween home with this perfect replica of a giant web. [b]SKELLOR[/b] rug - Halloween Special Edition Deck your halls with gore and SKELLOR 'tis the season to wear a frightful pallor! [i](The RIMkea PR and Marketing Dept. would like to apologize for the "frightful" rhyming, our only excuse is that even RIMkea is not free of nepotism and the CEO's niece wanted to have her "poetic talent" displayed. --RIMkea PR and Marketing Dept.)[/i] [b]SKULBRAIT[/b] candle - Halloween Special Edition Let the halloween spirits rise and plunge your colony into a ghostly semi-darkness with the SKULBRAIT candle light! [b]STATKIN[/b] statuette - Halloween Special Edition The classiest of classic halloween decorations, the STATKIN statuette will bring halloween straight into your colony! [i](Attention! If you hear any hoof clapping at night, beware of the headless horseman, he wants his head back! --RIMkea, Lame Jokes Dept.)[/i] [b]KRIEPNAPP[/b] coffin bed - Halloween Special Edition The perfect resting place for all you wannabe Vampires out there! No matter if you are the creepy blood-drinking kind or the sparkly-lame kind, all of you can rest safe and sound on the KRIEPNAPP! [b]KRIEPFLATT[/b] table - Halloween Special Edition No better place to show off your scary cooking skills, than on the KRIEPFLATT table! Whether it's the butchered flesh of your enemies or disgusting spelopede meat, this table will show off any creepy buffet in the best way! [b]KRIEPREST[/b] chair - Halloween Special Edition Have you always wanted to insult your enemies in the worst way possible? Look no further! Tell them "kiss my a$$" by letting your bum rest on their dessicated skulls*! [i](*The KRIEPREST is not really made of skulls and RIMkea is not liable for any insulted feelings, resulting from actions performed on/with/to our chairs. --RIMkea Legal Dept.)[/i] [h1]from fashionRIMsta[/h1] [b]Pumpkin Mask[/b] - The Headless Horseman will have nothing on you! The Pumpkin Head Mask - straight from Sleepy Hollow, into your wardrobe! [b]Devil Mask[/b] - Scare the crap out of poor souls with our Dapper Devil Head Mask! Spooky, yet stylish - the Devil wears FashionRIMsta! [b]Jason Mask[/b] - Put on the Jason Mask and make every Friday the 13th! [b]Pennywise Mask[/b] - Scare children and adults alike! Wear this Pennywise mask and be "IT"! [b]Freddy Mask[/b] - Visit Elm Street and your friends' nightmares with this Freddy Krueger Mask! One, two, Freddy's coming for you! [b]Lecter Mask[/b] - Feel like the legendary Hannibal Lecter and prepare a Halloween feast of Human Flesh! [b]Pinhead Mask[/b] - Be a Hell Priest (or PinHead) and raise Hell of the extradimensional kind, with this PinHead mask! [b]Skull Mask[/b] - Another Halloween classic, the Skull Mask! Not too scary, but a must-have for every halloween wardrobe collection! [b]Scream Mask[/b] - Wear the most iconic of all slasher masks! Wield your knife and make those teens "Scream"! [b]Witch Mask[/b] - Practice your cackle and command your winged monkey hordes! Be a witch - a wicked one! [url=https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=46210.0]Ludeon Forum Link[/url]

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