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Grave with Cross

Allows you to build a grave with a cross instead of a tombstone. The grave functions like the vanilla grave but has a new texture and also defaults to only allow colonists to be buried in it. My graves do not replace the vanilla graves. Cross graves are save game compatible, but if you want to remove cross graves; you will need to delete every cross grave in your game. Cross graves is compatible with Mass Graves. Mass Graves defaults to "Stranger humanlike" while on the other hand, Cross Graves defaults to "Colonist humanlike". If you build the two, and a colonist dies; he will be buried in a cross grave as long as you have one built. On the other hand, if a raider dies, he or she will be thrown in the mass grave instead. --- [Update] I have tidied up my grave graphics. My graves now offer a small beauty bonus and would look great in a small room so feel free to build my graves indoor. Due to my limit experience in modding, I am unable to create a functioning "pray" system for my graves as I had initially intended. I am able to allow pawns to pray at the graves but due to the animations associated with the "pray" action, pawns will climb graves to pray over them instead of standing to the side like originally envisioned. So I have decided to leave that feature out. Also, I had planned to make them require research but was unable to figure out how. --- Thank you for downloading Graves with Cross. I plan to create Graves with Flowers next. I hope to make more mods in the future!