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[A17] Tempta Formation

======================================================= This mod is for Alpha 17 and will not work with Beta 18, Beta 19 or Version 1 Follow this link for the Alpha 16 version: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=823368533 Follow this link for the Beta 18 version: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1212802464 Follow this link for the Beta 19 version: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1522835357 Follow this link for the version compatable with Rimworld: Version 1: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1544986569 ======================================================= A mod that adds a new faction to the game called the Tempta Formation as well as some new clothing, weapons and items. Adds: - The Tempta Formation faction. - Trench Coats. - Improved Military Helmet. - Masked Helmet - Shredder grenades - Micro Grenade Launcher - Charge Pistol - Charge SMG - Tempta SMG - Suppression LMG - Tempta Sniper Rifle - Flare Gun - Tempta Grenade Launcher - Reco Launcher - Anti-armor Rocket - Charge Turret Tempta Formation Description: The Tempta Formation was originally a mining company created in the year 2439 CE, that has since grown in power over the years. Its relative newness as an organisation limits its power in the Core Worlds greatly, but over in the Rim Worlds it has dominated and become somewhat as a superpower in the eyes of its inhabitants. While it’s members are mostly made up of people from Urb Worlds searching for a better life. The leaders of the Tempta Formation are mostly people from Glitter Worlds looking for political and financial gain and as a result the organisation is hostile to anyone that could be seen as a potential competitor. Combine this with the dangerous nature of the Rim Worlds and you have yourselves a militaristic organization, that dedicates most of its time oppressing those unfortunate enough to be anywhere near them. Luckily, on the bright side there are some rare cases where the commanders of the Tempta Formation will decide that it’s better to work with the local people and in these cases will often trade with locals and support them when they are under attack by pirates. Also due to several failed attempts at creating viable energy weapons, the Tempta Formation choses to equip its armies with advanced gunpowder weapons instead. But even with this limitation in weaponry the Tempta Formation is among one of the best equipped in the Rim Worlds and some would even say that their gunpowder weapons are even more brutal than their energy weapon counter parts. Updates: Update 1: - Added improved military helmet to the mod. Update 1.1: - Improved description of the Tempta Formation faction. Update 1.2: - Fixed bug that stoped the Tempta Formation from having a faction leader. - Fixed bug that stopped the comms-console from working. These fixes will not work on old saves. Update 2: - Added Masked Helmet - Added Shredder Grenades - Added Micro Grenade Launcher - Added Charge Pistol - Added Charge SMG - Added Tempta SMG - Added Suppression LMG - Added Tempta Sniper Rifle - Improved description of the Tempta Formation faction - Improved description of the Trench Coat - Improved description of the Improved Military Helmet Update 3: - Added Flare Gun - Added Tempta Grenade Launcher - Added Reco Launcher - Added New Icon for the Tempta Formation faction in the world view Update 4: - Made the mod compatable with Alpha 17 - Added Charge Turret - Added Anti-armor Rocket - Made the Reco Launcher craftable