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(Discontinued) WM Hydroponics with lamps [1.1]

[b]Vanilla hydroponics bassin with built in sunlamps[/b] 1.0 version here https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2015287501 Vanilla hydroponics only cover its own tiles. Sunlamps turn off at night, thus power use decreases. The sunlamp power use is based on the vanilla's sunlamp power use per tile. Also features to set a default crop for a given plant grower building ('ponics, plant pot, VG stuff...). An experimental feature could allow to use non vanilla plant growers with built in lights. (Untested, not recommanded) [b]Conflict[/b] Might comflict with some mods. The building vanishes as soon as it spawns. Try to load the mod first. [b]Requires HugsLib[/b]

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