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The Donnor Party

A new home and new chance at a brand new life is almost too alluring for the reckless masses and the desolately oppressed of society at large, and a vast migration to a new world was hardly a rare thing. What was rare however, was the unseen rot and disease on every single ration packed for the journey, and the following starvation of the animals left a small group of 87 completely without food, and without any other options. Six members of the group went on a scouting mission to try to scrape together whatever food they could forage, though the world was an unforgiving mistress. A dense storm stranded the six far from their trail, far from their wagons, and far from the other 81 members of their group. Starvation was setting in fast, and together the group understood the ultimate price must be paid should they want to survive. Your faction will be a New Arrivals. Start with 5 people. All characters have a 15% chance to start with trait: Psychopath All characters have a 40% chance to start with trait: Cannibal All characters have a 10% chance to start with trait: Bloodlust Start with research: Smithing Start with research: Brewing Start with: -Silver x200 -Healroot medicine x20 -Steel knife x3 -Bolt-action rifle -Wood x500 -Human meat x90 -Human leather x20