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The Great War

Featuring a world war 1 playstyle. This mod is now CE ready! Announcement: I'm working on a CE patch(Work in progress), I integrated it into the main mod itself aftter I told some madlad that I would do it with the right knowledge, and he provided that(Still in WIP). NOTIFICATION: All Artillery Uses the: Old shell. Crafted at the Old Workbench I found this mod somewhere deep in the dead cold places of my HDD, and tried to bring it back to life. this mod was originally made by KnightsCross, but last update was on 06/10/2014. So after screaming bashing my head thinking about my future, I decided to fix the mod from scratch. most of the items have some stupid humor in between the lines for fun. for now there are(all items are crafted): Weapons(all weapons are craftable(only way to get it for now)after you research: The Great War): mp18 lee enfield shotgun (I utterly destroyed the name in game, I might fix that) Luger Gas Grenade F1 Grenade FlameThrower (Is no longer stronk cuz people were bitching about it, is also quite heavy.) Shovel Sniper Hand-Held mortar (easy to deploy and faster then a building mortar) Buildings(all artillery shoots: Old Shell): NebelWerfer (must be manned) Maxim Sentry (must be manned) Howitzer (must be manned) Gas Howitzer (Works like gas grenade, gas em from afar) Mustard Gas Mortar trench(NOTE: THIS WORKS LIKE SANDBAGS YOU NEED TO STAND BEHIND IT) Barbed Wire RadioStation (Fixed it, meh) Mine Generator (produces less, and more heat) Crafting Bench(to build all the weapons and clothing on) Floor for trenches LandMine Mustard Gas Mine Wires Lamp Radiator (less effective but consumes also less power) Giant Smelter(can smelt slag in bulks, and produce chemfuel from bodies, can smelt all apparel and weapons) Big Giant Red Circle(Works as a trading beacon) Construction bay(No use at the moment) Stove(Electricity required) ParisGun(For shooting transport crates) Transport Crate(For loading ParisGun) Clothing(also all craftable): Uniform Body armor heavy armor Helmet Helmet with mask (helps against toxic fallout) Misc: Bread (Send out colonist with nothing but maggoty bread for three stinking days) Bandages Weath(Unbalanced) Shells Gas Canisters Musterd gas canisters Adrenaline shots: lasts for about 40 realtime seconds on normal speed use it wisely (Dangerous and addictive after more then one in quick succession or the same day) Added bodyparts (so that the colonists don't walk around on peglegs until a trader finally arives) Added mustard gas, this is crippling gas to anyone hit. It's not lethal in the conventional sense so watch it. Removed seperate tab to use Added own research tab My own plans: (?). If you have any sugestions comment and I might add it, I really want to do a great job with this mod. any bug please let me know. A quick disclaimer: I suck at spriting If there is anyone in need of help with their mod to update contact me, not like I have anything usefull to do with my time. Updates on Update logs

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