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This mod makes the following changes to sexuality in RimWorld: - Adds the sexuality traits Straight, Bisexual and Asexual, and adds them at the end after non-sexuality traits have been rolled, often as a fourth trait. - Makes colonists think twice before hitting on someone they haven't got a hope with. - Adds the traits Faithful and Philanderer, which determine how likely a colonist is to cheat. - Changes the curves for attraction and the rate at which people hit on each other so that there is a cultural component, with female pawns from Tribal and Imperial backgrounds more forward, male pawns form Medieval and Urbworld backgrounds more forward, and MidWorld and GlitterWorld backgrounds gender equal. - Introduces casual hookups as a joy activity for single pawns. This may act a little oddly, so please give me feedback! - Introduces long walks as dates for couples, making them socialise more with one another and generally get along better. - Ameliorates the debuffs ugly, creepy and disfigured pawns have for each other. Let's have a little more understanding and empathy! Credit to KillFace for the ideas in the wonderful Herzblatt mod, which sadly can't be used alongside this one. - HugsLib menu options allow the player to control the rates at which hookups and dates happen! For anyone using Prepare Carefully, please check out my workshop for Prepare for Romance!, a version of Prepare Carefully edited to run on Romance Diversified's four trait system. All credit to the original author EdB, as the change was very slight.

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