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Fast regen 1.4

In A16 health regeneration speed was lowered, resulting in colonists that end up spending more than 2-3 days in beds to fully heal. It makes hardcore scenarios extremely hard, if not impossible to play. Wounded colonists constantly get mental breaks then fight with other colonists and end up becoming even more wounded and angry and so on.. This significantly reduces the game's dynamics. I've decided to fix it. The Fast Regen mod adds to the game 3 special medical beds for colonists (2 for animals) for 3 different tech levels. These beds provide a regeneration boost much stronger than common hospital beds. [h1][b]Mod is compatible with EPOE and RBSE and does not require new game.[/b][/h1] Herbal bed: Regeneration boost: x3. A primitive medical bed. Made of medicinal herbs that slowly smolder on a fire, thus increasing the patient's recovery speed. Very uncomfortable. This bed is available from the start and can really help in the early game, especially if you're playing with a tribe. Robotic bed: Regeneration boost: x6. An advanced hospital bed. A robotic arm, controlled by a simple computer, additionally treats patient's wounds according to the instructions. Requires a simple prosthetic arm for building. This bed can be unlocked by research. Requires a lot of resources, also medicine and a simple prosthetic arm. Cybernetic bed: Regeneration boost: x9. A breakthrough in the hospital bed technology. A reprogrammed powerful core uses bionic manipulators to provide a first-class treatment of patient's wounds. It also tremendously increases treatment quality and immunity gain speed. Requires a bionic arm to building. This bed can be unlocked by research. Requires a huge amount of resources, also glitterworld medicine, advanced components and a bionic arm. Animal herbal bed Regeneration boost: x3. Simple medical bed for animals.The underlay is made from cloth and medicinal herbs, increasing the recovery speed. It's also more comfortable than the common animal bed. Animal Devilbed Regenereration boost: x6. An advanced bed, that uses luciferium mechanites to provide better rest and healing speed for animals. Requires some luciferium and devilstrand to build. ____________________________________________________________________________