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They Were Survivors, Not Soldiers

You came from an Urbworld in the fringe between the Rimworlds and the more 'civilized' planets. However, to be civilized, did not mean they were civil. Your planet was ruled by a militaristic despot who ruled over his people with an iron boot, crushing those who even dare think of defying or opposing him. The industry of the planet was powered by slave labour and the elite were cattered by serfs. The worst of the matter was that most were complicent, maybe even happy, because they were sheltered from the idea of freedom. There was no education, not unless you were picked to work in a factory, or tend the kitchen of someone the autocrat deemed important. There was the occasional resistance, someone who snuck in from offworld to set up underground schools and militia training grounds, but they never gained enough traction to make a widespread difference. People who saw the offworlders attempts and failures even grew to see their attempts as wastes of time. And, eventually the offworlders saw that too. But brave, just souls never back nor weaver when they still think there is something they can do to make a change. That is where our story begins. One day an offworlder smuggled a ship through port and landed. They gathered as many citizens as they could, cramming 40 of them in before fleeing. After that it was just a short trip to the nearest Rimworld. You all crawled out of that ship after landing on the surface, ready to start anew. But fate had another idea, as raiders watch over the budding camp, and all those supplies and bodies... -End Story- The rest of the story will be explained in the start pop-up, but rest assured you will NOT bestarting with the aforementioned 40 colonists, which would be absolutely rediculous. This scenario is made with both challenge and roleplay in mind, and this will explain the reason for the 'required' mods on the side. You have prepare carefully because you will start out as a tribal group, so you won't have any knowledge to build advanced buildings, so you may or may not want to replace the tribal clothes. You will also need it, because part of the challenge is- None of your starting characters may have any skills over level five. And having PC will make your life easier because you can manually lower some skill levels. This five level cap will play into the next two points. You have feral because you cannot make normal weapons or clothes until you have a crafter at a certain skill level. Level five for patched clothes from Feral, seven for normal clothes, and ten for weapons. Similarly, there is the scrap metal walls from Misc. Stuff, because you will not be allowed to build normal walls into you have someone with construction level seven. -End of Scenario Note- Your group will start will no joy, because being a refugee is no fun. You will start with seven days worth of MRE's. A modified nail gun for safety. And a make-shift workbench made of scrap wood peices and rusty tools.