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Camping Incidents - A17

Current Version: 1.3 Adds the default incidents to the MapMisc. Mainly for use with the Set-up Camp mod http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=932951772 . Should be compatible with everything, along with existing save files. No default files are edited. Patches will have to be made if any mods add diseases or events and you want them to affect pawns in the Caravan Spot map. Balance Recommendations and bug reports are encouraged. Local testing done with Randy Random. Compatible with select mods. Patches ================ http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1098765136 - Double Population Patch Incidents Removed from MapMisc ================ None as of yet. Changelog ================ v1.3 - Removed default compatibility with Double Population storytellers. Those patches are now a separate mod download due to confusion and troubleshooting problems. v1.2 - Added additional xpath patch to Cassandra Classic for AllyInteraction. Unsure what this does, but it was set to target only MapPlayerHome. Patched to target PlayerHome and MapMisc. - Added additional comments to xpath patches just for prettiness. v1.1 - Added xpath patches to default Storytellers. - Added xpath patches to Double Population storytellers. (Will throw a patch operation failed error if not installed. If it gets too annoying, I can split those patches off into a separate mod download. Feedback needed.) v1.0 - Initial Release, updated incidents to new A17 format. Uses MapMisc instead of TempMap in A16. - Added "caravan" to the beginning of each Incident Label, for easier scenario creating. - All incident base chances were left at A17 defaults. Please provide feedback on their frequency.

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Set-Up Camp