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Hunter Robot

Adds a bot designed for hunting. Can be crafted at machining table. "Base Robots" MUST be installed "Melee Hunting" MUST be installed Costs 200 steel + 10 Components. Although designed for hunting and killing animals, the AI seems unsatisfied and constantly searches for a reason to its existence. Are you tired from your slow hunter spending all day for one rabbit! well now you can fire him (or fire at him) and get this killing machine. Capable of hunting,cutting trees and when it got nothing to do it will research. So be kind and give it a nice desk. Are you thinking of sending it against a thrumbo.....well let me know how it goes :) --Note: There is no way of repairing it for now. But you can use machining table 'Disassemble Mechanoid' to get rid of the destroyed body. Base Robots provides a main "Robots" tab where you can see all active robots, rename them, and assign them to an area. Thanks to Arcane_Chill for the easy to follow tutorial and creating the base mod. *Robot textures are borrowed with little modification. Credits for original textures go to LordZarmack. Have fun.

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Melee Hunting A18